Does Your Content Lead Readers on a Journey?

Viral Post - Does Your Content Lead Readers


Does your content lead readers on a journey or does it merely stuff them as leads into a pipeline?

Like everyone else, many times we digital marketers are in a hurry to complete our task lists. We draw up a to-do list in Trello or Basecamp or the like and we work hard to complete tasks and move on to the next task. Personally, what this looks like for me is to go from one digital channel to another; social prospecting for my business on LinkedIn, managing Facebook ads for clients, creating a lead generation funnel follow-up sequence in Kartra, and developing videos, social posts, and other content to post.  My lists get long, but I give everything my personal touch.

So as I create content to share, content to pass on information I have learned that might help others, and of course content meant to find new prospects, I try to make sure everything has my personal touch and feels personal to the reader on the other end of my message. Therefore, I think of this phrase by Ann Handley.

So for today, this is something for all marketers to think about as they prospect for new business. Thanks, Ann Handley!

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